Welcome to the new site!

About time we have a new home

Posted on February 22, 2018 by Crowella

Welcome everyone to the new home of Crowella Effects.

There will be plenty more news to come in the future. I will keep it brief today as I’ve been busy making sure everything is up and running on the web side to make information easier to obtain.

Today was the first public launch of the Animated pedal, if you can call it a launch. As you may noticed, the style of the site is a bit different from the pedal itself. I’m currently running down stock to fit the Animated, as well as other future pedals into a consistent and coherent design that will complement each other and have consistent branding, as far as marketing speak is concerned.

There isn’t too much to add at this point. Over the coming weeks I will trickle out information about future pedals and designs as well as the direction of the Animated lineup, where design improvements have been made internally and externally.

Lots of work ahead. Here’s to a fantastic 2018!