Week of Admin

Getting it all sorted

Posted on April 18, 2018 by Crowella

I tell you this now, it’s probably more difficult to organise the logistics than actually design and build a pedal. At least that’s the experience I’m feeling this week.

First week of pre-orders for Voskhod have gone really well, I’m very happy with the support so far. Now it’s time to get everything brought in, so I’ll try and keep weekly updates so you know where it is all at.

What’s done so far

We have picks! All pedals that go out now come with 2 x 0.8mm Grover Allman picks with the CE logo. I am aware earlier customers might have missed out, I might do a small mail run of them and a few other goodies once they are in as thanks.

Obviously that isn’t a pedal, so what’s been done with Voskhod? Layout of board and the case designs are all finalised ready for manufacture. I spent an extra week tweaking all this to make sure every part lines up as intended and made easier for future automation of production if required. This current run will be semi-automated, with most SMD parts being placed on and then sent here for the remainder of construction.

The enclosures for this run will still be manufactured by Mammoth Electronics in the US. I have used them in the past due to their fantastic work with powdercoating and UV and I’m really confident they can repeat the same.

I’ve also established a formalised testing procedure for each pedal to make sure that quality stays upmost important. Every pedal from this batch onwards will have internally recorded tests to ensure it’s all working as planned so progress can be checked. I ideally want to always improve on every batch but it would be nice for it to always be right first time.

Current issues

Of course there are week one issues. The nice shiny knobs featured on the Voskhod and Animated are no longer available from any supplier I am aware of which is a huge blow. I have been searching for an identical counterpart that I can reliably buy in bulk and I will have to wait a few days for them to arrive before buying other required parts. I’m going to try and move to push on knobs instead of screws to reduce the fail rate of knobs and speed up the building time.

Failing that, I’m looking at other options that will suit everything too. I am unsure if they will be available before the date but they aren’t going to be going out looking cheap. After the vote on Facebook, I won’t be going with the black plastic knobs but I’ve kept open to a slight change if necessary, especially given rebranding. Fingers crossed these look good, pictures will of course be posted.

Other big issue I have is the change in packaging. I’ve exhausted all my packaging and I want to improve upon what previous pedals have gone out with. This is a larger challenge than I expected, especially given that I want to have good packaging that keeps the pedal safe, has the newer branding, doesn’t rely on bubble wrap and can pack in the goodies too! Ideally this should all be sorted within another week but I don’t want to be too confident since nothing is set in stone yet.

Upcoming this week

So basically, everything is being sent to order, manufacture, print, etc. While there isn’t much assembly work yet, it’s basically the week where we get all the gears moving after setup. It’s going to be exciting.

Just wish my hands could cut a break from all the emails and quotes I’ve been having to send and receive.