The next generation is coming

Vokshod getting ready for assembly, Animated getting facelift

Posted on April 4, 2018 by Crowella

It’s been a while, well, actually a few years but it is now time to get Voskhod off the ground and into (your pedalboard) space and this coming Friday (6th April 2018), the pre-orders begin.

I took a bit of time to decide how to approach Vokshod and how many to build due to the increased demand, so to assist the process, the Voskhod will go on pre-sale, much like I did with the initial Animated run.

How long will it take?

I’m expecting a 3 month turn around from the start of pre-orders until shipping out at most as it allows time for the construction and preparation of the cases and building of the circuit boards themselves. This also allows time for demo units to be sent out, demoed and for some shops in Australia to be stocked. I will be working my hardest to work on international distribution to stores in that time also.

The plan is the following Monday everything will be ordered so the process begins. This will also be another indicator of the new direction, aesthetically.

What is the Voskhod?

The Voskhod for those that don’t know, is a modified clone of a Russian Big Muff Pi. The addition of clean blend and some slight tinkering for better low end response is set to be the full on, thumping low end companion for your bass. When the pre-orders are open, much more specific information will be listed. Cost is going through some evaluation at the moment but pre-orders will receive a discount as thanks for the support, rough ball park figure is $190-220AUD.

The Animated will also get a touch of a facelift while we are at it too, converting the case and packaging to the new style and including improved power filtering to reduce the overall noise when not being played. The internal gate has been removed as a result of the improvement and to reduce the cost to both myself and you.

Where can I pre-order?

The pre-order for Voskhod will be available on this website on Friday the 6th April, 2018. Current stock of the Animated is currently available for $290AUD including free shipping.