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Payment is done using PayPal merchant, which accepts PayPal and most credit cards. Purchasing can be done at the bottom of this page.

Quick Note:PayPal pay to receipt is made out to Mum’s Seafood Kitchen. While I understand this is a really strange thing, this is using my current Australian Business Number and is just merely a quirk of transferring business name and structure.


Shipping is free worldwide and will include tracking.

Due to commercial numbers of sales and liability, customs forms will have a value of $290AUD written on it. Please check with your nation’s relevant authorities in regards to customs import costs and fees as these will have to be paid by the buyer.

Before purchasing, please ensure all your payment and shipping details are correct.


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Stocks are always limited and thus, only one purchase may be made at a time to give people a chance to purchase it. If you do require more for the purposes of distribution, please contact sales@crowella.org

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