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PRODUCT AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER ONLY – First 10 pre-orders receive limited edition pedal with added goodies! Expected shipping date 28th May, 2019

Defector is an op-amp based overdrive for both guitarists and bassists who require the versatility of a present overdrive or in your face synth like distortion without all the noise in between.


Bass Demos

Pro + Tube switch on, medium-high drive, medium-high tone, blend

Pro switches on, medium drive, medium tone, blend

Pro + Tube switches off, high drive, high tone, blend

Signal chain: Bass > Defector > UAD Apollo Twin 2 Duo > Pro Tools 12 > Waves CLA76 Compressor > Ampeg B15N Amp Sim (additional on recordings two and three)
Recorded by Daniel Keating at The Underground ANM

Pre-order Information

The Defector pedal is currently available on pre-order, with expected shipping date 28th May, 2019. The pedal will remain on pre-order until that day. The first 10 pre-orders will receive a limited edition Defector, with black knobs, signed back plate, personal letter and a huge thank you for the support!

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Sets input gain to go from subtle drive to clipping hard.


Dials in tone from deep and warm to increased attack and clarity.


Blends between a dry signal (unaffected signal at unity gain) and a wet signal (full effect).


Sets the output level of the distorted signal.


Switches on clipping diodes to ground, post op-amp in a hard-clipping configuration


Switches between op-amp rail clipping and additional clipping diodes in parallel for soft-clipping configuration



No Manual Available


Pedal: 11.4×6.8×4.9 cm


Soft touch true bypass with LED indicator.


Uses standard 9V center-negative plug (BOSS Style) power adapters ONLY. Improper supply may cause internal issues and may permanently damage your unit! No battery clip provided.

Best results with isolated power supply or a well-regulated power brick.

Approx. Current Draw: ~30mA

Additional information

Weight 0.416 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 9 cm