Signature gnarling attack and distinctive bite

“This is it! What else would you possibly need?”

Jykke Tikka – the BLANKO



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Channel every bit of raw energy you can muster. Now bring it all together and focus it all through this high-gain overdrive.

Loved by bassists around the world for it’s signature gnarling attack and distinctive bite, this soft switching true bypass provides incomprehensible levels of gain and drive while offering a blend of the original signal to keep yourself truly present within a mix.

Cut above the rest and let all the energy flow out.



Dials in your tone from removing treble to adding bite.


Blends between a dry signal (unaffected signal at unity gain) and a wet signal (full effect).



Control your input gain to go from subtle drive to distorted.


Sets the output level of the distorted signal.


  • Fully analog signal path from start to finish
  • New production germanium transistors, all tested for minimal noise and optimum gain
  • Opamp based clean blend for mixing original signal back in
  • Premium WIMA film capacitors for reduction in microphonic and other signal noise
  • Soft switch true relay bypass with programmable on/off state for rackmount/always on users
  • Durable powder coat finish with resilient digital UV printed graphics for longevity and clear readability
  • Compact form factor to save pedal board space
  • Designed and hand assembled in Australia


Input Impedance 1Mohm
Output Impedance 25k
Power Supply 9V DC Centre-Negative Plug, 2.1mm barrel
Current Draw ~25mA
Enclosure Die-cast Aluminum, Powdercoat Finish
Dimensions 11.4×6.8×4.9 cm (LxWxH)
Weight 0.270kg

Uses standard 9V centre-negative plug power adaptors only. Improper supply may cause internal issues and may permanently damage your unit. No battery clip is provided. Best results for noise reduction require a good quality isolated power supply or well-regulated power brick.

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