General Information

I will offer support and look after any issues personally for as long as I’m alive or able to. I want to give the most support I can in regards to faults or queries. I aim to handle any warranty issues as a human and not a set of robotic instructions.

Warranty Information

All products are covered under warranty and are subject to Australian consumer laws. All products are covered as long as Crowella Effects is operating and beyond, as long as I am alive. Everything is covered as long as the product has not been maliciously tampered with. Warranty is deemed as a basis-by-basis case in that scenario.

If you feel like your product is not working as intended, please use the contact page, with the inclusion of your serial number/product name so it can be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Usual procedure for a product fault will be to contact us, then once confirmed, for the product to be mailed back (unless specified otherwise). Mailing address is:
Suite 2/322 West Street
Umina Beach, NSW, 2257

If there is a fault, all product return costs will be handled by Crowella Effects. Shipping a return will be at the expense of the buyer and subject to a reasonable refund if a fault is found, therefore, the buyer should keep a copy of receipts in the event of a refund.

If no fault is found with a product, shipping costs both return and sending will be at the expense of the buyer and not Crowella Effects. This will be judged on a basis-by-basis case and is highly unlikely.

There are no inspection or repair costs to Crowella Effects products if handled by Crowella Effects. External parties may charge a repair fee and have different handling/shipping costs.

If there is a fault that is deemed unrepairable, contact will be made between Crowella Effects and the buyer with a replacement product to be sent free of charge.

For further information, contact support@crowella.org with any questions/queries.


Replacements and Refunds are best done by using the contact page. This section is more strictly governed by laws but again, I wish to do this as a human so contact is always best, we are happy to help in any way.

If you have changed your mind about the purchase and the product being purchased online at Crowella Effects and the pedal has been sent, a refund is not permitted. Therefore, please make sure you wish to purchase the pedal as a change of mind is not reason for a a refund. Refunds from another store/distributor is subject to external policies.

If the product is faulty upon arrival, use the contact page and a free repair (including free shipping as well as reimbursed return shipping) will be offered and must be accepted for there to be any option for a future refund. A refund may only be offered if contact from Crowella Effects has taken longer than a reasonable time and/or the product cannot be repaired. This is to comply with Australian consumer laws.