Frequently Asked Questions

My pedal has background noise

Background noise can be subject to many external factors such as power supply quality, interference from electromagnetic sources (transformers, fluorescent lights, etc), poor grounding and other pedals/gear in the signal chain. For best results
– Use a good quality, regulated power supply
– Avoid daisy chaining pedals (use a sole supply for each pedal)

Can I use a 12V, 18V or other power supply?

No. At this time, only 9V will work. Other supplies may permanently damage a product. Future designs may incorporate the option to run higher voltages.

Will these be available in stores to try out?

We are currently working with a few stores independently on distribution. If you are a store and you would like to stock our products, please use the contact page to ask.

Any support or warranty on pedals?

Please view the warranty page for more information

I’d like to demo one of your pedals for a video, review or store

I’ve had many, many requests for this. I will have a few pedals specifically made for review. You can contact me using the contact page for more information. Any demo unit will be decided on at my discretion. Those that ask will have a few weeks with the pedal, with the option to buy if they are content. Review units will be available at the same time as early sale.