crowella effects

Available March 2017



Includes GST and free shipping to most countries*

A deeper tuned Big Muff, designed to compliment guitarists and bass players with a clean blend

The voskhod is an improved version of the "black box" Russian Big Muff, built with a clean blend and a smaller pedal enclosure to save pedalboard space.



Includes GST and free shipping to most countries*

An accurate clone of the Human Gear Animato. High gain, face-ripping distortion suited for bass.

The animated is built with brand new germanium tranistors, a clean blend for better fit with bass and an internally adjustable gate for tighter control of sound.

*List of countries with free shipping TBA

Questions and Answers

What is the animated and voskhod

The animated is a clone of the Human Gear Animato using the original circuitry with an included clean blend to make it more suitable for bass. It is a bright, incredibly gainy distortion.

The voskhod is a variant of the EHX Big Muff Pi tuned to be a touch deeper than the common Russian variants (black box) and include a clean blend to make it more suitable for bass. It is a deeper bodied distortion.

Any soundclips?

I'll be putting up more and more as time goes on

When will they be released?

Some time November 2016. You can contact me on Facebook or at to get on to the early order list, which will have first preference

What is the cost of each pedal?

This will be announced closer to release while production is still being done. The main thing is it will be kept at an economical price and include free shipping to most countries.

How do I pay for one?

When available, it will use the PayPal merchant system on this website. Accepts most credit cards.

I saw the previous versions of the animated, what is different now?

Here are a short list of changes:

  • Clean blend added
  • Uses original, brand new germanium transistors
  • Included noise gate inside pedal for noise reduction
  • Improved first stage to more accurately represent the removed switch and improve impedance issues with active basses
  • Board redesign to lower overall power noise

Will these be available in stores to try out?

I am currently working on distribution methods so I can get all my pedals into some shops in the Australia and the UK for the time being. This may be a short while after release.

What is the difference between your version and other manufacturers?

The short answer is, I'm not certain, I donít know how others have set up or done theirs exactly, I only compare to the original (serial #373) I have on hand. Any current clones that claim to be exact are making are using my reverse engineered design which was done around October 2014. If they aren't using that schematic, it isn't a clone, simple. I can't tell unless I take one apart and trace.

That sounded like a lot of market speak, but the quality and sound is something I strive for. All are tested against my original and set up to match it. I have a qualified audio engineer on board now to ensure tonally it is as close as humanly possible.

Any support or warranty on pedals?

I will offer support and look after any issues personally for as long as I'm alive or able to. I want to give the most support I can in regards to faults or queries. Emailing me at will be the best place to start.

I'd like to demo one of your pedals for a video, review or store? How do I go about this?

I've had many, many requests for this. I will have a few pedals specifically made for review. You can contact me at for more information. Any demo unit will be decided on at my discretion. Those that ask will have a few weeks with the pedal, with the option to buy if they are content. Review units will be available at the same time as early sale.